John Stephens Opines on Improvements to Costa Mesa Animal Care

September 28th, 2018
By: Schardé Vallone

John Stephens’ article on his investigation of and improvements to the services Costa Mesa provides its lost and abandoned animals was published today in the Los Angeles Times.

In the piece, John explains his tour of animal shelters throughout Orange County as well as Costa Mesa’s changing partnerships with various SoCal animal services. Such changes have resulted in greater community participation and pet adoptions, in addition to a decrease in euthanizations.

The full article, which was published online earlier this month, can be read here.

He was also quoted in an article on Costa Mesa’s efforts to provide shelter beds for the city’s homeless, stating, “No community, whether it’s Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Huntington Beach, wants to be the regional site for an emergency shelter. But when we’re talking about taking care of our own and doing our fair share, that’s a lot more doable and that’s something I think the community can wrap their minds around, especially…if the consequence of not doing that is not being able to enforce our anti-encampment ordinance.”

“When faced with the choice of having encampments in our city or controlling a limited amount of shelter beds,” he continued, “[the latter] seems to be the wise thing to do.”

John’s other LA Times Op-Eds are linked below:

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