John Stephens Discusses Business Litigation at UC Irvine’s School of Law

March 27th, 2012
By: Natasha Kader, Stephens Friedland LLP
John Stephens

John B. Stephens, founding partner of Stephens Friedland LLP, spoke to a classroom comprised of second and third year law school students at UC Irvine on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. John was invited to teach the students how to represent a business in litigated matters to a Representing Business Clients class taught by Scott Leslie and Tom Le, two adjunct professors who also work for Experian. Scott Leslie is General Counsel of the North American division of Experian, and a former colleague of John B. Stephens. Tom Le is Senior Counsel at Experian and has many years of experience as a transactional and corporate attorney.

John began his discussion by using the Socratic Method. He asked the students if they knew the key to having a satisfied business client. Naturally, the majority of the class assumed the answer was money. Although money is a key factor, John explained that “acheiving realistic expectations” is key to satisfaction of a business litigation client.

John also explained the steps necessary to analyze a case practically and efficiently and talked about the qualities required to be an effective business litigation attorney. John captured the students’ interest through some of his most famous “war stories” and by using clear, relatable analogies and examples.

John’s lecture was well received by the students and John enjoyed the opportunity to share some of his knowledge with these aspiring attorneys.

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